Friday, 1 April 2011

Cam belt catastrophe

Well. I am now down 20 quid instead of up 30. I had to call Candlebury Cabs to fetch the ladies while I waited for the AA. I must say, though, good old Muriel, pushing my car to the side of the road while I steered. So, I am now on the bus on the way home, penniless and carless. Darren from the AA ran a diagnostic on his Toughbook and asked if I’d had the cam belt changed at the last service and I said I had no idea and he said he had a pretty strong hunch it’d gone, and in 90% of cases that means it’s buggered the engine. Except he didn’t say buggered. He said something about pistons and valves. So it’ll either be 300 quid to fit a new cam belt or the engine’s a write-off. Marvellous. Or, to paraphrase, buggering hell!  

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