Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Taking stock

Out with the old financial year, in with the new! Time to take stock. I can’t believe it. A whole month has gone by since my unfortunate change of circumstances and now the Easter hols are upon us, so I can’t spend all day job-hunting and inventing things. 

Blog posts written: 31 (yay!)
Blog followers: 4 (Meredith, Arthur, Phoebe, Lily)
Ads on blog: 3
Revenue from ads on blog: £0
Items sent for review: 0
Dogs sat: 1
Revenue from dogs sat: £0
Job ads responded to: 3
Job offers: 0
Ads offering services placed in local newspapers: 1
Services hired through local newspaper ad: 3
Revenue from rendering service: -£20
Expenses from rendering service: £300
Home-cooked dishes cooked for profit: 0
Money saved in supermarket swap: £6


After all that effort! So much for Goal No 2. Have been neglecting Goal No 1. What was it again? Ah yes. I choose to be in a mutually loving relationship by 17th September. Right. Bite the bullet. 

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