Thursday, 17 March 2011

5 Things I Can't Live Without!

This blogging lark is marvellous. Can spend half the day power-gossipping without guilt, knowing it’s all potential grist to my mill. Mind you, the sooner Mind to Blog™ is invented the better. So. Have signed up for Google Ads and applied to become member of Mumsnet Bloggers Network, which means soon I will have thousands of readers like Dooce, and small ads will be queuing up to attach themselves to me, and the postman will have to hire a pantechnicon to deliver the goods being showered upon me for review! Right. Think products, products. Must apply same principles as for goals. Must not put in nappies as don’t want to attract nappies. Want to attract zippy cars and possibly a campervan. Oh yes, a list!  

5 Things I Can’t Live Without!

1. My Mini Cooper S Convertible
2. My vintage VW Type 2 Splitscreen campervan in turquoise and cream
3. My regular professional highlights at Daniel Galvin’s marvellous London hair salon
4. My Georgian rectory  My chateau in the South of France
5. My frequent trips to sun-kissed destinations, eg Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Morocco, the USA, South America, Central America, France, Italy, the Balearic Islands, the Greek Islands, Croatia (enough destinations - ed)...

Right, off to pick up Lily.

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