Thursday, 24 March 2011

Supermarket swap

Have given up Waitrose in marvellous sail-trimming measure. Realised more sensible to prune £6 here and there from budget rather than waste valuable hours earning it. Have just spent practically the whole morning comparing products on supermarket comparison site, making fascinating discovery that the top four cleverly match each other’s prices on general brands such as Heinz, but make their mark-up on their own-brand products that can’t be compared. Except I did compare raw prawns, and Tesco’s had the best offer. So, thanks to Gitface, I have defected to the shameless capitalist pigs and scourge of every country town, so help me God. Am trying out a few Finest items on Sal and Cass tomorrow at our inaugural Elegant Girly Dinner (we decided we needed to raise the game around here, get out and about, cook, drink, wear skirts). 

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