Monday, 21 March 2011

Trainee Estate Agent

Pluck up courage to call Trainee Estate Agent man. 

‘Super!’ he says. ‘Do you have access to a computer?’

I try to match his brightness and enthusiasm. ‘Yes!’

‘Great! If you email us your CV we can take it from there!’

‘Can I just ask, is it full time?!’

‘Yes, it is!’

‘And could you give me an idea of ... the pay?!’

‘Obviously if you send in your CV we can give you a call back and go through all that with you!’

Why are they so damn cagey about pay? Because it’s abysmal, I presume. ‘Ballpark?’ I gush.

‘As I say, if you just send in your CV, we...’

‘OK! Will do!’ I enthuse. Grrr. Still don’t have a CV. Must bite bullet.

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