Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring fever

Spring is springing and the birds are singing their little hearts out! The verges are alive with daffodils and dandelions and daisies. I love it! I’m absolutely squinting in the sun. It’s nearly time for the clocks to go back (or is it forward?). No matter! The whole world is waking up. It’s humming. I’m walking with a spring in my step and my head held high. I’m on a mission!

Dusty and I turn down the wooded path to the river, tramping through a sea of wild garlic and primroses and violets. God’s in his heaven and all’s... urgh. This stench of garlic is turning my stomach. It’s like walking through a back street in Hong Kong. Probably quite nice at sundown, prior to a Chinese meal. Not first thing in the morning after missing breakfast. Right. Come on, Dusty! Back to the car.

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